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During the 2004 Commonwealth Youth Games from 29 November to 4 December (being the start of the Australian summer), Bendigo typically enjoys mild to warm daytime maximum temperatures between 23 and 27C, with temperatures rising to the mid to high 30s on occasions.  Overnight minimum temperatures can be cool but most often fall in between about 7 and 12C.  Occasionally, but rarely do temperatures fall close to zero during this time.

Rain occurs on average between 6 to 8 days in November and December, even with local thunderstorms at times.  Typically average rainfall is approximately 40mm per month.  Late Spring and early Summer can see wind speed increase, with December averaging the highest number of days of strong wind.

Indicative relative humidity is 55% at 9am and 33% at 3pm and cloudy, or partly cloudy days are still quite common.
Photo of the Conservatory Gardens
Visit the Bureau of Meteorology for up to date weather information.