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The Quaich

The Quaich is a symbol of the Commonwealth Youth Games and was the initiative of the organisers of the inaugural Games in Scotland.  Donated by the City of Edinburgh, the silver Quaich is a commemorative symbol to be handed down from host nation to host nation.

The Commonwealth Games Quaich is a two-handled silver cup sitting 13cm high and 18cm wide.  This small size is typical of Quaichs.

The 2000 Commonwealth Youth Games in Scotland handed the Quaich to Mr Sam Coffa, representing the Australian Commonwealth Games Association, at the conclusion of the Games for safekeeping until the 2004 Commonwealth Youth Games in Bendigo, Australia.

Quaich 2
It currently sits at the Australian Commonwealth Games Association office in Sydney and will be in Bendigo for the duration of the Games.

The inscription on the Quaich reads:

Inaugural Commonwealth Youth Games Edinburgh
This Quaich Was Donated By The City Of Edinburgh To Celebrate
The Commonwealth Youth Games
Scotland Commands & Entrusts The Future Of These Games In Perpetuity

History of the Quaich
A Quaich is a small, shallow, two-handled drinking cup or vessel unique to Scotland.  The Quaich has a rich heritage in Scotland, with the earliest written reference dating from 1546.  The earliest Quaichs were made from a single piece of wood turned on a lathe.  Handles, called "lugs", were sometimes covered with silver.  Quaichs are still being made today, mostly as prizes for sporting events or as objets d'art.