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 After much anticipation the Official mascot for the 2004 Commonwealth Youth Games has been launched.  Please welcome Ausca the Sugar Glider!

Over 140 entries were received for the mascot competition with each entry showing wonderful creative flair.  Congratulations to class's 4B and 4/5W from Eaglehawk North Primary School for winning the mascot competition.

The students gave the following reason in their entry form:
Ausca the Sugar Glider is a 'You can do it' animal, he is native to Bendigo and if he can glide 90 metres then a human can glide their way through achievements.

The Hon Jacinta Allan MP was given the role of unveiling Ausca to 300 thrilled young children in Bendigo.  Ms Allan said that Ausca will now be out visiting local schools and community events encouraging many people to visit the Games from 30 November to 4 December.


Ausca the Sugar Glider
Make sure you purchase tickets to the Games to see Ausca waving to you at the Opening and Closing Ceremonies as well as cheering on athletes at the sporting events!

Here is a brief description on what is a Sugar Glider:

The Sugar Glider is a small nocturnal possum that can glide up to 90 metres between tree canopies.  It is pearl-grey above with a distinct dark stripe along the forehead and back and dark patches behind large pointed ears.  Its underparts are pale grey or creamy white with a bushy tail that is frequently tipped white.

The Sugar Glider makes a leaf nest in tree hollows and feeds on nectar, pollen and insects.  Sugar Gliders live in family groups and huddle together in cold conditions.  They are agile climbers and have a distinctive 'yip yip' shrilled voice.

Sugar Gliders are common around forest and woodlands in Bendigo.

Download information about The Mascot Competition here.

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