Rugby 7's Results
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 Pool A & B
 Finals Results
 Match Summaries
Match 1 Pool B South Africa Cook Islands
Match 2 Pool B Fiji Scotland
Match 3 Pool A Samoa Australia
Match 4 Pool A England Singapore
Match 5 Pool B South Africa Scotland
Match 6 Pool B Fiji Cook Islands
Match 7 Pool A Samoa Singapore
Match 8 Pool A England Australia
Match 9 Pool B Scotland Cook Islands
Match 10 Pool B South Africa Fiji
Match 11 Pool A England Samoa
Match 12 Pool A Australia Singapore
Match 13 Quarter Final          1st from Pool A  4th from Pool B
Match 14 Quarter Final  4th from Pool A  1st from Pool B
Match 15 Quarter Final  2nd from Pool A  3rd from Pool B
Match 16 Quarter Final   3rd from Pool A  2nd from Pool B
Match 17 Semi Final   Loser of Match 14  Loser of Match 15
Match 18 Semi Final   Loser of Match 13  Loser of Match 16
Match 19 Semi Final   Winner of Match 13  Winner of Match 16        
Match 20 Semi Final    Winner of Match 14  Winner of Match 15
Match 21 Grand Final   Loser of Match 17  Loser of Match 18
Match 22 Grand Final     Loser of Match 19  Loser of Match 20
Match 23 Grand Final  Winner of Match 17  Winner of Match 18
Match 24 Grand Final  Winner of Match 19  Winner of Match 20